Erin Nimmer

Hi! I’m Erin :) My journey to a healthy brain was a long and difficult one but I feel thankful every single day for the people who led me to finding Empowerplus. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder back in 2011, though I had been dealing with the symptoms for years prior. After receiving a diagnosis, it was a relief in that I was able to put a name to what I’d been experiencing, but I still had some rough months ahead. I tried several different medications, and while some helped it was always temporary. It was after a mental hospital stay that my mother heard about Empowerplus from a family friend. I was skeptical that a “vitamin/mineral supplement” would help me but at that point I was willing to try anything. Within weeks of taking it, my family started noticing small changes, and within a couple months I was finally able to accept that I was actually getting my life back. Since then I have had two children, and I can actually care for them! It is nothing short of a miracle for me and my family. Empowerplus truly helps my brain function. I can still feel the bipolar disorder, but it is super manageable, which is an enormous blessing. I feel a responsibility to share my experience mostly so I can help break down stigmas attaches to mental illness, but also so I can help Others experiencing it to know they aren’t alone. I hope to be able to assist others in finding this amazing product and be helped by it as well.

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