36 Nutrients
23+ Years
34+ Studies
1 Little Stik

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The Most Important
Nutritional Supplement
In the World

Why do we call it Lightning? Because it works lightning-fast! There are 3 main reasons it is different from any other supplement in the world:

1. Critical Nutrient Balance
2. Proprietary Manufacturing Process
3. DTM (Direct to Mouth) Technology

Critical Nutrient Balance

We weren’t playing Nutrient Roulette when creating this formula. Each and every ingredient is carefully proportioned in its specific form to make the whole blend as powerful and effective as possible.

Each ingredient can affect the others, and with 36 different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, it gets complicated. Quickly.

Proprietary Manufacturing Process

EMP Lightning undergoes an 8-day manufacturing process. The nutrients are micro-sized in a way that maintains their critcal ratios, balance, and chemical makeup. This process mimics the way that nutrients are synthesized in nature resulting in an increase in bioavailability.

This is the only product in the world that undergoes this process!

DTM Technology

(Direct to Mouth)

EMP Lightning doesn’t need to be absorbed in the digestive system, unlike most other nutritional supplements. The powder is simply placed onto the tongue where it is absorbed almost instantly into the bloodstream. Do you know what this means?


One More Thing:

This is the most studied nutritional supplement formula in the world! And it’s all third-party independent research. Researchers are genuinely curious when they see what EMP Lightning can do.

  • 36+ Medical Studies
  • 15+ Universities
  • 56+ Researchers
  • 30 Million Dollars (All Independent)

Dont Take Our Word For it

Hundreds of thousands of people all around the world take this supplement every day! Here are some of the common things they say it helps them with:

  • Better Sleep
  • More Energy
  • Better Focus
  • No More Brain Fog
  • Less Stress & Much More!

EMP Lightning is for