Tony Stephan’s wife Debbie tragically ends her own life after a long battle with severe mental illness.


Tony learns about how some livestock are treated with a micronutrient formulation, and wonders if the same can be done for his children. He begins experimenting with different combinations of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, hoping he can find something to help his kids.


The first micronutrient formula is given to Tony’s son Joseph and his daughter Autumn. Both showed quick responses and an increase in calm, coping, and mental clarity. Their journey to healing begins.


Tony names his new micronutrient formula EMPowerplus and launches Truehope Nutritional Support for the purpose of assisting individuals who use EMPowerplus for mental wellbeing.


Independent Researchers publish the first studies on EMPowerplus. Also, new technology allows the standard dose to be reduced from 32 capsules to 15 capsules a day.


Tony Stephan and Scott Malone meet for the first time. Scott joins Tony on his mission to spread the hope and healing of EMPowerplus  to the world by bringing the formula into the Direct Selling Industry.


EMPowerplus Advanced is launched and it’s more potent than ever before. The standard daily dose is now only 4 capsules.


New technology is discovered and applied to the manufacturing process of EMPowerplus Advanced. The first Direct-to-Mouth (DTM) product is created and EMP Lightning is born.


Tony and Scott decide that the EMP Lightning formula will reach the most people if shared through a new company. Renova Worldwide is launched with the charge of spreading the hope, help, and healing of EMPowerplus with the world through the innovative new product EMP Lightning.


The new Lightning technology and manufacturing process has opened a world of possibilities. New ground-breaking products are being tested and people are joining Renova Worldwide everyday. We all are on this journey of bringing health and prosperity to the world!